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Meet Captain Adam Resiter

Meet Captain Adam Reister and Add'em Up Sportfishing Charter

Meet Captain Adam Reister, a seasoned angler with over 30 years of experience navigating the waters of the Great Lakes, half of which he has spent as a dedicated captain. Fishing is more than just a pastime for Captain Adam; it's a family legacy that he wholeheartedly embraced from an early age. Originating from family fishing outings, he developed an unbridled passion for the sport, transforming it into both a lifelong pursuit and a thriving business.

Setting up his charter, Captain Adam had a singular mission: to offer customers an outstanding, family-friendly angling experience. His commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, as his charter has flourished primarily through the positive word-of-mouth endorsements from satisfied clients. Captain Adam takes pride in running a charter with an impeccable reputation, ensuring that every expedition is not only successful but also memorable.

Choosing Captain Adam to guide you through the waters is opting for more than just a fishing trip; it's an invitation to a wholesome and exhilarating adventure. With his wealth of knowledge and dedication to creating lasting memories, Captain Adam guarantees an unforgettable experience that resonates with the joy and camaraderie of family-friendly angling.

Boat Details:

The 27' Cherokee offshore sport fishing boat, originally built in 1985, boasts a strong and reliable construction that has stood the test of time. Powered by a 330HP Crusader engine, this vessel offers an impressive maximum cruising speed of 32 knots, ensuring swift and efficient navigation.

Join Captain Adam Reister and Add'em Up Sportfishing Charters for an adrenaline-fueled adventure on Lake Michigan. Whether you're a seasoned angler seeking the thrill of lake michigan salmon charters or a novice looking to experience the excitement of trout and perch fishing. Book your charter now!

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Rods, reels & tackle

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Fishing License

Food and drinks

Sun protection (sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses)

Wear weather-appropriate clothing

DEPOSIT: A deposit is required for all bookings and will be applied at checkout 


BALANCE: The remaining balance is due on the trip date as either Credit or Cash.  


GUEST CANCELLATION: In the event that you must cancel your booking, you must do so 7 days prior to your trip date to receive a refund on your deposit. Rescheduling is encouraged and dependent on guide availability. 


GUIDE CANCELLATION: In the rare event that your guide must cancel due to inclement weather, health, or equipment issues, you will have the option to reschedule your charter for a later date or receive a refund on your deposit. 


TIPPING: Tips to your guide are greatly appreciated for your quality trip. 




Boat Type: Motorboat (engine-powered)

Boat Guest Capacity: 6

Boat Length: 27

Manufacturer Name: Cherokee

Model Year: 1985

Number of Engines: 1

Horsepower per Engine: 330

Maximum Cruising Speed: 32

Boat Registration: Not Given

Features: GPS, Fish Finder, Toilet, Livewell / Live Bait Tank