Lake Michigan Fishing Reports

Your Lake Michigan Fishing Experience

Welcome to Add'em Up Sportfishing Charters' Fishing Report Page, where every cast tells a story and each catch is a triumph. Join us as we dive into the latest updates from the vibrant waters of Lake Michigan, expertly guided by Captain Adam. Discover the thrill of the chase, stay informed on the hottest fishing spots, and relish in the tales of adventure as we keep you hooked on the pulse of our exciting fishing expeditions.

We get these questions a lot. What are the best months to fish Lake Michigan? What is the best fish to catch in Lake Michigan? Does Lake Michigan have a lot of fish? The best months to experience the thrill of fishing on Lake Michigan with Add'em Up Sportfishing Charters, under the expert guidance of Captain Adam, are typically from May to September when the waters come alive with a variety of species. Lake Michigan is teeming with diverse fish, but one of the most sought-after catches, especially with Add'em Up, is the impressive and elusive Lake Trout. Rest assured, with Captain Adam's knowledge, every trip promises an abundance of fish and unforgettable moments on the vibrant waters of Lake Michigan.

As we conclude this chapter of our fishing journey on Lake Michigan, we invite you to stay connected with Add'em Up Sportfishing Charters. Captain Adam and the team thank you for joining us in the excitement of the catch. For more thrilling updates, stay tuned to our Fishing Report Page, where each entry is a testament to the passion, expertise, and unforgettable moments that define every fishing expedition with Add'em Up. Until the next cast, tight lines and happy fishing!

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